IPhone owners who want phone cases that will give them as much protection as possible should take a look at what the iSkin fuze SE has to offer. Tong Zhang, senior editor of Mobile Tech Review, writes that this phone case gets a four-out-of-five rating due to having many layers of protection, its slim design and ease of use.

"The iSkin fuze and fuze SE cases for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 combine a tough outer shell with soft inner layer to provide good protection for your phone," Zhang writes.  "The fuze SE adds some extra protection for the front display bezel while the fuze case leaves most of the bezel exposed. The iSkin fuze SE is an easy to use case that's also quite slim and light. This Special Edition case comes in a carbon color scheme with brushed metal finish decorating the front."

The one big negative of Zhang's review is the fact that this case does not feature a screen protector, so there is still risk of the screen cracking if the phone is dropped. Other than that, it seems to get a positive assessment.

The iSkin website calls these phone cases "strong and sexy" and said they bring a low-profile type of protection to the iPhone that is infused with a shock absorbing inner-core for protection.