For those who need phone cases that give them something a little extra, a new case from Annex Products for the iPhone 4 and 4S comes equipped with a secret compartment designed to store condoms and other small items. The company's website describes the case's top feature as a "discrete storage compartment … wink wink."

"Usually, we’re iPhone nudists but we’d never considered all those times you have your phone with you (but no condom!) and you need to get nude in real life," said reviewers at Gizmodo's U.K. website.

The case will be available this summer, and will cost about $30. According to Gizmodo, the case is supportive, secure and reliable. It also gives a sleek appearance, is super thin and works for the Apple smartphones.

Another quirky case from Annex is the Opena, which comes with a built-in bottle opener, according to MSNBC. People may have to be careful storing condoms in these cases as the phone may overheat and damage either the case or the condom, the news source reported. Even so, it could come in handy for those who don't keep the protection in there for very long.