Usually, people have to take their pick with iPhone covers and camera filters between protecting the phone and getting a better picture. One new product is looking to eliminate that choice and give users a little bit of both.

The Trygger iPhone Camera Case is looking to combine a well-designed case with a polarizing filter for the iPhone to clean up unwanted lights and bring out the best in the iPhone's camera without any additional software.

"The Camera Case was carefully planned and designed," the company said on the product's Kickstarter page. "We're a team of designers and engineers who also love photography. Since we were making a tool to help you make your best photos, it was important to us that you have the best experience using it as well. That means the Camera Case is thoughtfully designed and is made from the best quality from the glass of the filter to the way it fits on your phone. Every detail was important to us."

Users will have to get these iPhone 4S cases off of Kickstarter for now, but good ideas usually end up going far beyond this website if enough users show interest.