Mobile phone accessories can protect a smartphone from the damage caused by dropping, sitting or spilling on a device, but what about the havoc a toddler can wreak on small electronics?

Fisher-Price has developed a solution. The company's Laugh and Learn Apptivity iPhone case is a colorful, durable, function-limiting accessory that lets iPhone owners' babies and small children play with certain phone functions safely.

With a large, plastic, circular grip for little hands in multiple, youthful colors, the case makes a phone resemble a toy once inserted. Rings attached to the outer edges, which the company calls "busy beads," resemble a typical early childhood plaything.

"This sturdy case will protect your iPhone or iPod touch from dribbles, drool, and unwanted call-making," the company's device specifications assert.

The home button and the edges of the phone are covered by the hard plastic casing, and a thick screen cover means the entire iPhone is protected from anything small hands can throw at it. Fisher-Price is also offering three "learning apps" for free through the Apple apps store, which are touted as hand-eye coordination building activities.