A new video that comes from Chinese retailer ETrade Supply shows the iPhone with has a new unibody design, meaning there may be some notable changes to the phone cases that come out for Apple's extremely popular smartphone.

"Whether the case is legitimate or not is anyone's guess, but the case design in the video does seem to fall in line with some of the earlier rumors about the specifications of the iPhone 5, including a slightly longer design (4" compared to 3.5" for the iPhone 4), and what appears to be a built-in microphone, another rumored design component," according to MobileNApps.com.

The new iPhone also has some other different features, including a more slim build, a smaller SIM card slot and a new place for the headphone jack at the bottom of the phone instead of the top. This would mean the way iPhone cases work would be completely different in this new version.

People may have to update their phone cases when the new iPhone comes out, but some of the features are so cool that it may be worth it.