For all of the iPhone accessories out there, this may be a first: an accessory that doubles as a nightstand.

The JVC N-BX3 does just this, as the accessory has a stand, two 30-watt speakers and a docking device for the iPhone. There also is a 60-watt amp and an FM radio that make the accessory great for anyone's bedroom.

"The iPhone dock nightstand has a glass top whilst the cabinet is constructed in wood and available in either black or white, and the iOS accessory measures 500-by-300-by-110 mm and weighs in at 20kg," according to Phones Review. "It appears that currently the JVC N-BX3 iPhone speaker dock nightstand is only available in the land of the rising sun, and there’s no word as to whether JVC plans on delivering the iPhone dock nightstand outside Japan at the moment."

Even if someone were to go to Japan to pick the device up, it would be about $525. It is still unknown of these iPhone accessories will be making their way to the United States anytime soon, but it may be worth the wait.