With more children owning mobile devices these days, it follows that many would have cell phone accessories to use with them. A new set of headphones by Apple is aimed toward kids who are 2 and older.

The Kidz Gear Volume Limit Headphones lowers the volume to safe listening levels in an effort to protect the long-term hearing of children.They also have a remote and mic for control and high-definition sound, just like any other "adult" headphone set.

"Yes sir, the Kidz Gear Apple Wired Headphones for Kids will play nice with the iPad, iPhone and iPod, and will ensure that their hearing is not spoilt or put in harm’s way directly thanks to the built-in 'KidzControl' Volume Limiting Technology that paves the way for safe volume listening," according to Coolest Gadgets. "At least they need not repeat your folly of cranking up the Walkman or Discman’s volume levels with Black Sabbath playing, where even the rest of the passengers in the same car can hear what song you’re listening to at that moment."

Apple's website said general usage for these mobile phone accessories includes travel, a mute feature and an ability to work without battery. This could be a great introduction to music for children.