While there are multiple phone cases out there to protect the device, none of them will help stand the device up quite like the 3-D Product Twig. KATU.com said this device by the Portland, Oregon, comapny is essentially a cord shunk down that is able to bend like a Gumby action figure.

"That pliability can turn it into a makeshift tripod. From there, you can prop it up to watch movies, talk over FaceTime and Twig's small size means it's easily retrievable from a bag or purse," the website said. "Twig has already taken off, bringing in triple the amount of Hilbourne's fundraising goal. That's a guarantee the product will be developed, reaching consumers sometime in September."

This device had a $50,000 goal and his so far made more than $140,000 on the Kickstarter website, meaning this will likely see more of a wide release once its release date hits. The website said people can use this device with all iPhones, save space with the device's earbud cord-wrap feature and charge the iPhone in the accessory outlet.

At only four-inches, these accessories can essentially go anywhere with the device and make life much easier for its users.