Everything is in line for the picture; iPhone covers are off so nothing is blocking the view, fingers are out of the way and the image is in sight, but sometimes a photo still is marred by glare. One company is looking to help people keep the shine out of their photos.

The Circular Polarizing filter Lens with Back Cover for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, retailing at about $38, is portable and detachable, gives high clarity and comes with a strong grip made of aluminum so the shot will stay steady.

"It’s not the first time someone has come up with the idea of augmenting the iPhone’s camera, although this particular camera case combo is one of the more useful entries," Slashgear said of the product. "While most filters can be applied in software thanks to various iPhone apps, removing glare and reflections is a lot trickier, if not close to impossible, so dedicated hardware to tackle the problem is most welcome."

Slashgear said less glare means people can take much clearer shots through windows. Other iPhone covers may protect the phone, but this gadget will help protect the shots taken with the phone.