While the iPhone camera can already take some great pictures, a new iPhone accessory will help take smartphone photos to the next level, according to The Globe and Mail. The Olloclip three-in-one lens attachment fits over smaller phone cases, allowing the device to take even better pictures.

"It’s a perfect fit with Apple’s clean design philosophy," according to the news source. "Just push it onto the corner of your phone and you’re ready to rock. There’s no software to download, no screws to twist, and no clamps to adjust. It holds fast, yet its smooth plastic body leaves no marks on your phone’s glossy finish. It’s simple, elegant and easy."

There are some issues with the attachment, such as the lens covering the phone's power button and LED flash. Even so, reviewers at The Globe and Mail said there wasn't much that could be done given the design of the iPhone.

According to Olloclip's website, the packaging includes the fisheye, wide-angle and macro lenses, a lens cap for both ends, a microfiber lens cleaning cloth and a bag to keep the device safe.