While Steve Guttenberg, writer of the Audiophiliac blog on CNET, doesn't usually review iPad speakers, he said the Arcam rCube is an exception, as the iPod accessories offer great sound in a smaller, more portable package than most speakers.

"The Arcam rCube is a portable iPod dock. Fit and finish are upscale; it's a truly elegant design," Guttenberg wrote. "The top of the cube has five touch-sensitive buttons – source select, wireless on/off, volume up and down, and standby – arrayed in front of the flip-up door that conceals the iPod dock and the speaker's carry handle. The rCube is available in a black or white finish, and I think the white one looks great."

While it's a compact 7.9 inches and 11 pounds, he said the speakers are "on the cube's side," facilitating a more open sound. Although the cube sounded vague at times, he said it was an "overachiever" by the standards of an iPod dock.

Even with all the positives, he said the dock may be a little expensive for what it offers at $499. He pointed to the Audioengine 5+ or A5+ speakers, which Audio Engine USA said delivers "audiophile-quality sound" and is sold at $399. The iPod accessories would take up more space in this case, but the sound could be better.