Apple fans who want to help defend their devices in a fancy way may want to look to the iSkin aura, according to With a great build and good protection, the iSkin cases are iPhone 4 accessories well worth the $40 price tag, according to the website.

"Even though I’ve gone through a number of iPhone cases over the years, they rarely get noticed in the way that the aura’s gotten noticed," ByteNow said. "I can’t express how many times random people have complimented the aura on its sleek, eye-catching design. I admittedly wasn’t sure how the blue/black model I received would look against my all-white iPhone, but I was pleasantly surprised that it doesn’t look out of place at all. In fact, I’ve gotten to a point where I think I’d prefer the blue over the silver."

The blog said the case also offers durability, which the author had initially questioned. He said his iPhone was taken in the Aura case on a trip and it seemed to work well for protecting the phone against scratches and other cellphone maladies.

One version of these iPhone 4 accessories is out now and celebrates the Year of the Dragon. According to TechVibes, the Year of the Dragon case comes in red, pink and black for $45 and could be great for all those born in a past Year of the Dragon.