People who have trouble typing on their mobile device may want to check out 5 Examples' latest addition to its long list of mobile phone accessories: the Tio Keyboard. The company said the keyboard uses a QWERTY layout, which will make typing on a cellphone as convenient as typing on a computer. 

"We are excited to be eliminating the barriers to communication, simplifying the way people use the data on their smartphones and tablets, and bridging the generation gap," said Bjorn Jawerth, CEO of 5 examples. "With over 4 billion mobile phones and the surging popularity of tablets in the market, being able to type easily and efficiently is critical for this growing market."

The device, available for Android users as an app and as a Bluetooth hardware accessory in the second quarter of 2012, will feature full-sized keys, support touch typing and will look to work with users who have a familiarity with traditional computer keyboards. The company said it hopes to give users an "unprecedented experience for editing, navigation and customization."

PC Mag said users looking to skip mobile phone accessories and go straight for a keyboard attachment can look to the T-Mobile myTouch Q, a phone that runs on Android. The website said the phone has a QWERTY keyboard and is a good place to start for new Android users.