There have been some pretty fun iPhone accessories over the years. Whether a device that turns an iPhone into an arcade game or something completely different, manufacturers have been able to have fun, but that may have reached a whole new level with a new laser tag iPhone accessory from Hasbro.

The accessory, which is slated to come out this August for $40 per gun, will include a slot for the iPhone or iPod touch. Users can access the free Lazer Tag app and the phone's built-in camera to keep track of who shot who and how much time is left.

"What sounds almost too good to be true is the multi-player mode. Up to 24 players can join the field of play and each blaster has a range of up to 250 feet," according to iPhone FAQ's preview of the accessory. "The laser beam is visible on the augmented reality display, which also keeps track of stats for a leaderboard. Battery power remaining is tracked and upgrades can be unlocked based on performance, such as better gear and firepower."

Two-blaster sets will go on sale for $70, according to iPhone FAQ. While it's unclear whether this will bring back the lazer tag craze of the 1980s, it should be good for some fun times for younger iPhone users.