Many new iPhone accessories have aimed to take advantage of the camera work of the iPhone 4S, and the new iPro Lens System designed for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S is no exception.

This new accessory is a casing for the iPhone that allows Apple enthusiasts to attach a lens over the default iPhone lens. Lenses such as wide angle, fish eye and more can be used to give different images their own looks. Wide-angle lenses can help increase the iPhones' field of view by 35 percent, and the fish-eye lens can give a 165-degree field of view.

"All of the lenses attach to the iPhone using iPro's case, which uses a simple bayonet mount for quickly changing the lenses," Joshua Goldman writes on CNET. "The lens housings are made from anodized aluminum alloy, and the multi-element optics are made from top-grade optical glass and feature high-efficiency multi-layer coatings, which reduce lens flare and increase light transmission."

The lenses, made by Schneider Optics, a U.S. subsidiary of German optics manufacturer Schneider-Kreuznach, will go on sale for about $100 in April. These and other cell phone accessories can be useful for iPhone photo enthusiasts.