While it used to be that magnets would wipe hard drives clean, technology has changed and one company is using that to its advantage for a new line of iPad 2 accessories that will let users magnetically stand their devices up.

The Magnus Magnetic stand for the iPad 2 sells for about $50, and Intomobile said it is stylish and and low profile with a strong magnetic grip. The company said this is the “ultimate iPad solution for those who embrace Apple’s sophisticated aesthetic.”

"The stand is machine-crafted from pure aluminum, finished by hand, and adorned with rubberized feet and custom nickel-plated neodymium magnets to hold the iPad in place," Andrew Liszewski writes on Gizmodo. "It doesn't adjust, rotate, pivot or even boost the iPad's speaker. It just keeps your tablet perched within reach, without looking like an eyesore."

Gizmodo said the fact that the accessory is made from aluminum means the iPad is prevented from falling over, but it also means that it could be a bit too heavy to travel with. On the bright side, these iPad 2 accessories are well-suited to other Apple products and should fit nicely into a collection.