Fashion and convenience are major themes in the latest mobile accessory releases.

The famous French fashion house Louis Vuitton has added to its small line of mobile accessories with a foldable iPad case in its signature monogram print or the simpler Taiga design. With the fold-out design, devices can be stored or viewed on a table top, and feature holes that allow access for plugs and cords. Travelers looking for stylish iPad accessories to augment their designer luggage, or those who don't mind paying nearly as much for the case as the device itself, will find the new case hitting stores this fall.

For families with children to entertain, a new headrest mounting bracket can purpose the iPad as an entertainment screen for passengers in the back seat. The CarGo casing by Cygnett attaches to the back of standard seats and holds the device securely within its brackets, while it can be rotated in any direction for optimal viewing.

Perhaps the most practical new accessory is Bracketron's Dual USB Charger, which allows users to charge two devices at once through a vehicle's 12-volt dashboard outlet. In addition to providing electricity for multiple mobile devices, the charger can power other devices such as a satellite radio.