Those looking for cell phone accessories that will allow them to create music, sing louder or perhaps even get in on some travel karaoke should look to the iRig PRE, which allows users to plug any XLR microphone into a mobile device without any additional cables needed.

"The iRig PRE allows vocalists/musicians to plug their XLR microphones to their iOS devices," according to Ubergizmo. "This would allow for better vocal recording using studio-quality microphones (such as the Shure SM58) as opposed to those found on handsfree headsets or the iOS device’s default microphone. In fact not just limited to vocalists, it is possible that the iRig PRE can be used to connect microphones which in turn can be used to mic drum kits or even acoustic guitars."

This device features a 3.5mm jack to plug headphones into and monitor how the audio, gain control and more are sounding. It offers 40 hours of of battery life with dynamic microphones and 15 hours for phantom-powered microphones.

IRig PRE is expected to retail for about $40 starting in the second quarter of this year. People looking to start creating their own music or even just play around should take at look at this accessory.