For people who want cutting-edge cell phone accessories, a new case can make them the envy of all their tech-savvy friends. A new case for smarrtphones can charge the phone by using solar power.

Two devices by PowerSkin, the KeyCharge and SolarCharge, are able to keep phones powered up during daylight hours.

The SolarCharge is a wrap-around case that works with iPhone, iPod, Android and BlackBerry devices. Phones Review said it has a battery that can deliver up to 350 minutes of talk time when the sun isn't out.

"The PowerSkin KeyCharge is another power option that attaches to your keychain and can deliver a quick boost of power to your device anywhere and connects to the handset again via its microUSB and has a 750mAh battery which is said to deliver a boost of up to 90 minutes additional time," according to Phones Review.

These mobile phone accessories are slated to become available in February and should be useful for those who like to go outside and use their phones. The SolarCharge will run about $70 and the KeyCharge will cost approximately $25.