The release date for the iPhone 5 is still yet to be announced, as new Android-based devices continue to hit the market. Although Apple boasts a large group of loyal consumers and has persistently held onto a large chunk of the mobile accessories and devices market, new innovations and a growing number of options from alternate operating system manufacturers could prove to usurp the throne of mobile devices.

One of Apple's major draws is style. iPhones are sleek, come in signature company colors and are instantly identifiable by the tech-savvy. Phones like the new HTC Rhyme could draw fashion-conscious consumers to the Android-powered device market, as it has a focus on design with new color options and matching mobile accessories.

Another new release that could challenge Apple's dominance is the HTC EVO 3-D, the first of its kind – no special lenses are required to view three-dimensional media. The previous EVO model was highly successful.

Despite new offerings popping up in the Android market throughout the year, the limited releases of iPhones may be a contributing factor to Apple's marketing success. The wealth of rumors circulating the new iPhone point to a high level of anticipation for the device.