While cell phone cases make up a lot of the accessories released recently for mobile devices and tablets, there have also been a fair amount of styluses as well. A new stylus, known as the RedPen, hopes to offer something different by giving the user complete control over their mobile device with a highly sensitive silicone tip.

“To me RedPen extends the possibilities you have with a tablet," according to Johan Lindstén, designer of the RedPen, UberGizmo reports. "The interaction between the different radiuses gives you a stylus without compromises and any straight angles to disrupt usage.”

While this is a third-party accessory, Computerworld said the Samsung Galaxy Note also offers its own stylus in the form of the S Pen. The news source said the use of the stylus with this device is the area where it could "truly delight some users," but said the S Pen left some things to be desired, including better control and precision. The RedPen hopes the fill the gap left by the company-made stylus.

Galaxy Note accessories such as this that improve the interplay with the device can be very cool to play around with, especially when reviews of the Note say the S Pen had a lot of potential. The RedPen retails at about $5, so it is extremely affordable as well.