All the skaters out there looking for new phone cases should take a look at the new SkateBack case created by Grove and Lindsay Holmes of Maple XO. UberGizmo said the cool part about these iPhone 4S cases is that they are made out of recycled skateboards.

"The SkateBacks are created by gluing together layers of skateboard waste and is sourced from skateboarding manufacturer, PS Stix. There are currently three designs available – Vibrant, Calm and Neutral and are compatible with both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S," wrote the news source.

Grove's website said the case is about one-sixteenth of an inch thick and looks to protect the back of the iPhone from scratches. The cases are handmade in Portland, Oregon, and the company said no two cases are alike.

Phone cases for the skateboard crowd have been coming out pretty consistently over the past year or two, as the Skate Deck iPhone Case released earlier this year, according to Gizmodo. This one wasn't nearly as well received, as the website said in jest that they believed the case should be "outlawed." You can't win 'em all.