Apple iPhones need all the help they can get as far as protection from phone cases goes, and the Metallic Snap Case by Incase helps secure the device into place and provides a comfortable fit along with great protection.

"Before judging the Metallic Snap Case, get to know it for a few days – it took me some time to fully appreciate what it has to offer," MacWorld said in a review of the device. "I say this because my first impression of the case was not all that great, starting with the hefty price tag of $35 – a little steep, in my opinion, for a thin metal shell case that is so light that the extra weight it adds to your iPhone is unnoticeable."

The website said while the features may be slim with this case, it does what it is intended to do; protect the iPhone from things that may break it if the case were not there.

MacWorld said the case also comes with a small reversible stand that will help recline the iPhone. The website for the device said the phone cases also offer scratch protection and direct access to all of the features the iPhone has to show.