Audio mobile phone accessories are getting smaller and more portable, letting MP3 player and smartphone owners capture the best sound quality in the palms of their hands.

A new speaker device just hitting the market is the Jawbone Jambox, a sleak, stylish speaker the size of a pencil box. With a number of colors available and Bluetooth technology, it can be used with a number of mobile devices.

Reviewers are calling the sound high-quality and surprisingly powerful despite the small size. Retailing for about $200, it's a high-end product in a trendy package. The controls are very simple, with only three buttons, one of which is a voice command allowing calls to be made and received without undocking from the speaker.

A major difference between the Jambox and other premium portable speakers is its connectivity. The box can download and run audio apps that will change the playback quality and the commands associated with the MyTalk calling button.

Despite the high sound quality and relatively high volume for the product's size, the Jambox isn't powerful enough for a large house party or a loud, outdoor barbecue. For personal use, however, it offers many features of larger, non-Bluetooth systems.