Mobile phone accessories are becoming more portable as of late, it seems, and a new set of speakers by Satechi are no exception. The company is releasing its Audio Move SD speakers, which feature a two-speaker configuration in a small size.

The speakers feature a 3.5 mm audio jack, allowing users to use any portable music device to plug in. The speakers also have a microSD card slot for memory cards of up to 32GB to play songs from the card directly.

"Thankfully, its internal battery is rated to provide approximately 17 hours of music on a single charge, and it’s charged via any USB port or 5V USB power adapter," according to PhoneArena. "Not only does it provide the muscle to bring your music collection to life, but it’s very easy on the wallets as well. In fact, the Satechi Audio Movie SD retails for $29.99 … making it an easy buy for some people."

For those who aren't big fans of their smartphone's speakers, mobile phone accessories like this can be great compact tools for music listening on the go.