A new portable stereo speaker case has been released by iLuv Creative Technology, which the company said provides "rugged protection, rich audio quality and easy access to your smartphone's primary features." Cell phone accessories such as this could come in hand on long road trips or if someone is frequently on the go.

The SmashBox Pro Portable Stereo Speaker Case is powered by AA batteris and has a 3.5 mm jack. According to the comping, this is the only speaker case that offers the ability to play sound and have phone functionality without opening the case.

"iLuv focuses on enhancing the capabilities of mobile devices to make consumers lives' easier," said Peter Choi, Marketing Manager at iLuv. "The SmashBox Pro not only provides great protection for your smartphone, but allows users to enjoy great portable audio and handle impromptu phone calls with great sound quality, all while on the go."

Looking at Google's shopping web page, portable mobile phone accessories by iLuv can be purchased for less than $30, making it a fairly reasonably priced accessory for iPhones, Samsung and other devices.