Keeping mobile devices powered up is getting easier thanks to constantly improved and innovative new charging solutions and battery packs.

Targus, a computer and mobile accessories maker, has unveiled a number of new products that help smartphone and tablet users extend battery life and conveniently recharge. The company's Plug-n-Power Charging Station, the latest of a number of similar products to hit the market, connects to a standard AC wall outlet with several charging options: Three available AC ports, in the style of a power strip, in addition to two USB ports.

Kensington, another accessories producer, has designed Absolute Power. It's a power adapter for laptops that includes a number of various-sized USB ports for simultaneous charging of the computer and any other devices without the need to plug more cords into the wall.

In addition to new charging options, auxiliary power saving products are making mobile devices last longer with less bulk. Targus is offering a new 5 volt backup iPad battery that can extend the life of the tablet by 5 to 10 hours. Like many of this year's newest backup batteries, it has a thinner profile than previous models.

Charging smartphones and tablets is getting more convenient and less necessary with every new wave of power products, making it harder every year to use the excuse "my battery died."