While iPad 2 accessories are still hot sellers at electronic stores and websites, the iPad 3 may be coming soon. Joel Evans of the ZDNet Mobile Gadgeteer blog said some new rumored features of the iPad 3 include an 8-inch screen, a quad-core Apple A6 processor and a retina display.

"Other rumors have come out now showing a rumored A5 chip for the iPad 3, with the A6 coming later this year," Evans said. "We won’t know until March 7, but I do think it’s funny that we already have rumors now debunking and delaying other rumors."

Other rumors of the iPad include a 4G LTE radio for Verizon and AT&T, which Evans said would make a lot of sense for the company because it would let the iPad 3 work on the new, latest networks. There could also be better cameras for the front and rear. The rumored new dock connector feature would make sense, because some say Apple is trying to make the iPhone 5's dock connector smaller as well.

EWeek reports that when the iPad 3 does come out, it could go for $80 more than equivalent Wi-Fi models and $70 more than the same 3G models.