Fashion-conscious mobile device users no longer need to cover their black plastic monstrosities with glitzy cases or hide them from sight. Manufacturer HTC has announced the Android Rhyme, which it deems an "elegant new phone experience."

The Rhyme is available in three non-traditional hues that sound more like scents than colors: clearwater, hourglass and plum. U.S. markets may not receive each of the three offerings, but those looking for an Android device in a shade other than the usual may be thrilled at the options.

"HTC Rhyme represents an entirely new approach, based on recognition that there is a substantial group of consumers who want their phones to be more personal and complimentary to every moment of their day," noted HTC's vice president of design Scott Croyle.

The phone is being offered in conjunction with a new mobile accessories line as well. The Rhyme Charm is a cube-shaped attachment that glows when a call or message comes in, and attaches the phone to a bag for easy retrieval. In keeping with the stylish theme, the company is also offering a model-specific docking station complete with audio and an alarm clock.

U.S. markets will see the release of the Rhyme by the end of September or during October, with an international release to shortly follow.