While iPads get most of the tablet attention, Domark International's Solawerks announced recently it will release a new Kindle accessory that helps charge the device via solar power.

"The new product for the Kindle Fire, dubbed the 'Solafire,' is intended to contain similar Solapad product components and function much the same for the Kindle Fire," according to the company. "Solawerks management says they are designing the new Solafire product to also contain a solar panel element along with an additional 5,000amh battery – a combination management believes will mean that you will never have to plug in your Kindle Fire to charge it again."

More details on the new product will come out soon, but the company said it plans on keeping the public informed about the release date, price and more.

Solawerks currently offers a product, the Solapad, which powers the iPad.The company's iPad accessories are out now for iPad 2 and the original iPad, but Domark said they will soon release the Solapad for the new version of the iPad as well.