Solar energy has been creeping its way into the smartphone and tablet market as of late, and new iPad accessories from Logitech have been helping to keep the tablet device powered via a keyboard. The Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio features solar cells on the front cover and eliminates the need for another power cord and replacement batteries for two years, according to a review in the Denver Post.

"The three most important features of a keyboard folio are the protection it offers, the bulk it does or doesn't add to the tablet and, of course, the keyboard," the Denver Post review said. "The folio does a fine job of covering the front and back of the iPad while allowing access to all the ports, so no problems on the first point."

Even though there are some great features, the Post said there could be some durability issues with the keyboard and the technology may be too small to write for a long period of time.

Gulf News said the big advantage with these iPad accessories are the lack of wires, as most Bluetooth devices require the need to be charged. With this folio, users can simply let the sun do its work to charge it.