Among a myriad of Kindle Accessories, Grace Digital’s FireDock stands out as the only speaker docking station specifically designed for the Kindle Fire. While docking stations for the iPhone and iPad have been around for a while, the FireDock will be making up for the lack of Kindle-specific models.

The new station not only allows users to channel their Kindle audio through its high-quality speaker, but it will also function as a charger when it’s running on AC power. Users who require a little more portability have the option to buy the lithium-ion battery pack.

“Grace Digital’s design approach on the FireDock was to provide the optimal solution around clearly defined requirements of Kindle Fire users,” says Greg Fadul, CEO of Grace Digital Audio.

The FireDock features full-range, 3-inch speakers. Buttons are top-mounted, and the device comes with a remote control to adjust volume, bass and treble from a distance. The docking station is expected to be released in July at a cost of $129.99.