While many iPad accessories will stand the device upright, a new device from Thought Out will allow users to get completely flexible when using their Apple tablet. With the Stabile Coil Pro, which Wired.com said resembles a "steel snake," people can move the tablet 80 degrees on a pivoting steel ball.

The 54-inch steel coil is coated in black vinyl and allows iPad owners to twist and turn the stand. Wired said with a little experimentation, people should be able to easily adjust the accessory to their preferences.

"By placing a counterweight like books or the edge of a chair on the far end, you can have some fun coming up with innovative ways to use it," Matt Forbeck wrote for Wired. "Even just placing it on your desk with most of the coil looped below the iPad makes it easy to place your iPad at the exact height at which you want it, something that most stands can’t come close to pulling off."

Thought Out said on its iPad accessories website the company guarantees people will use this device every day. The iPad can be attached to the device with or without a case.