People looking for sturdy iPhone cases should take a look at the new case from Rokform called the Rokbed V3.

"Wrapping itself around your device, the V3 offers solid protection and with the optional anti-slip insert, you need not worry about the odd drop as the rubber extra will soften the blow," according to PhoneReview. "Now while the V3 helps with the knocks and bangs, it does leave the screen without a guard, so a screen protector could well be on the cards."

While that may be a necessity, the website said users shouldn't let that stop them from buying the case. There is a locking mechanism with the case that allows people to attach their device to various things, including a tripod mount, belt clip and other accessories. The case retails for about $39 and has 12 colors to choose from.

Rokform's website said the cases include a molded polycarbonate frame, a non-slip grip insert, a remote mounting system that should allow people to mount the phone anywhere and a removable hi-tensile wrist lanyard, which should make it easier to keep track of the device. People looking for highly protective iPhone 4S cases should check out this one from Rokform.