Despite some mobile device makers moving away from large memory capacity in favor of hosted cloud-based data storage, some new tablet releases feature sizable hard drives.

The popularity of cloud computing and the file storage capabilities of systems such as Apple's iCloud have negated the need for larger capacity devices for many consumers. The iPad 2, for example, is currently offered in models with 16, 32 and 64 GB, the same options as the original model.

Tablet maker Archos has announced its new G9 models will feature large hard drives, ranging from industry-average 8 and 16 GB offerings to a whopping 250 GB version. With this kind of storage capacity, online hosting solutions may be unnecessary – although web-based services are a key factor in the popularity of mobile devices.

Tablet and iPad accessories for expanding data storage have been hitting the markets in recent months, so the demand for portable devices with a large capacity exists. Media storage has long been a selling point for desktop and laptop computers, so as the mobile device market grows and the personal computer market slows, the demand for more data capacity may increase among certain consumers.