Users looking for phone cases that appear and feel like they're indestructible should take a look at the new LunaTik TAKTIK case, which, according to Macgasm, is made from durable Ballistik polymer and high quality aluminum.

"The iPhone display is already covered with Gorilla Glass technology, but this new case gives more protection by adding an extra layer of Gorilla Glass," the news source said. "According to the creators, the Gorilla Glass protective lens on the front bezel also includes anti-glare and anti-smudge coating."

This case also includes waterproofing technology, including over the speaker grill, to help those who are prone to dropping their phone in water or getting it wet by mistake. MacGasm said it also has an aesthetic appeal to it that many customers look for in an iPhone case – in addition to being fairly sturdy, it looks durable as well.

The product's KickStarter website said this phone case's shockproof suspension is made from a 9 mm Impact Truss silicone that is something of a "sandwich construction" that can help cradle the iPhone safely like a small child. This should help prevent the phone from any serious damage.