While many iPad 2 accessories have hit the market recently in time for the holidays, one writer said TouchFire creators Steven Isaac and Brad Melmon have created the "Big Foot" of accessories; a perfectly designed touchpad keyboard for the tablet.

The keyboard is flexible and sits on top of the tablet, according to Singularity Hub, adding that the device allows users to get a feel for the keys as easily as they would on a laptop.

"TouchFire’s broad overview showcases the easy storage and use of the accessory," Singularity Hub said of the accessory. "Magnets and friction secure the raised plastic in place, but allow it to be folded out of the way quickly as well. When the iPad is no longer in use, the TouchFire squeezes in the space between the tablet and protective case."

The website said the accessory has been hailed as ingenious by many web reviewers.

Consumers in search of iPad 2 accessories to give as a present may also be intrigued by CarpioLab's Pad Strap. The accessory allows iPad owners to securely hold their tablet with one hand by sliding their palm beneath a strap that runs diagonally along the back of the device.