Proving that you can't afford to turn around for one second in the tablet industry, HP is reportedly already planning the next big update to its recently released TouchPad tablet family.

After months of waiting, HP finally released 16-gigabyte and 32-gigabyte models of its TouchPad. But before users can even take a moment to absorb the webOS-powered tablet, HP is rumored to be gearing up for the release of a 64-gigabyte version in August.

This information comes from technology news provider, which recently obtained a "confidential HP product brief" detailing webOS's path for the rest of the year. According to the news provider, HP is also planning to release an AT&T cellular version of the TouchPad next month – though the company giant had already hinted that it would do so.

HP has said it will also sell a number of accessories complementary to the TouchPad, including a wireless keyboard and a Touchstone charging dock. However, according to PreCentral, the accessories are currently "under constraint."

Announced in February, the TouchPad has been one of the most anticipated tablets to hit the shelves this year. According to a CNN report, one HP executive stated the TouchPad would finally be the tablet to overtake Apple's iPad – though that remains to be seen.