File transferring recently took a leap into the future with a novel technology, and now Mac users can take advantage of what may become one of the most popular computer and iPad accessories.

In the past, file transfer via USB or other portable storage devices has required physically transporting the device from one computer to another, running the risk of losing the device and compromising the security of its contents. Even with the protection of a password, complete data security was never guaranteed.

The iTwin, a two-part USB device, uses an internet connection to make file transfers. Data isn't actually stored on the device, but rather sent electronically. This allows for full encryption: The user initiates the transfer with the dual apparatus plugged into the original computer, with the data being fully encrypted and ready to be sent via the web. The second half of the device is then removed and plugged into the second computer, at which point the transfer can occur.

"We are excited to be able to offer iTwin to both OS X and Windows customers," said iTwin CEO and co-founder Lux Anantharaman. "Now both Macs and PCs will have full, cross-platform capabilities with this revolutionary device that is perfect for their sensitive file sharing needs."