Cell phone batteries aren't the longest-lasting things in the world. For people traveling, on the go or those who just want to be safe, a new product will be out this year that will charge devices wirelessly.

The WCD-800, a device introduced at the Mobile World Congress by LG, cradles the phone and allows people to use the phone while it is charging. It moves the phone to the landscape position so people can send texts, watch videos and more while the phone is being charged.

"It's an interesting idea, no doubt, though it's not as if a standard wired charger prohibits you from using your phone while it's being zapped," said Kent German, senior manager of CNET. "Sure, the wired part means that you have to stay in one place for a short period, but there are more inconvenient things."

Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company, said it only made sense to turn charging time into a positive for users by letting them move away from their charger, according to Pocket-Lint.com. These aids for cell phone batteries will be out later this year in the United States.