Following the recent release of the latest version of Google's Android for tablets, electronics manufacturers are already clamoring to push the software out of their respective mobile devices.

According to a recent CNET report, many Motorola Xoom owners have already received the Android 3.2 update, though it was released just last week. Additionally, Samsung's Galaxy Tab and Toshiba's Thrive are expected to be upgraded in the near future.

Google revealed several enhancements included on Android 3.2, such as optimization for more tablets and compatibility zoom for fixed-sized apps, which provides "a pixel-scaled alternative to the standard [user interface] stretching" for larger devices, Google said on its Android Developers blog.

Additionally, the update will include media sync for SD cards and extended screen support API, which affords developers more control over user interfaces.

As of yet, Google has failed to make a significant dent in Apple's dominance over the tablet market. But as more Android-powered devices hit the market, Google's share will grow. By 2015, Google is expected to represent nearly 40 percent of the global tablet market, according to Gartner.