If there's one advantage Google's Android has over Apple, its voice control. However, according to a recent 9to5mac report, that may be changing with the upcoming release of iOS 5.

Apple finally appears ready to make the most of its alliance with Nuance and its 2010 acquisition of Siri. According to the news provider, recently leaked screenshots of iOS 5 suggest that apple is currently testing a new feature called Assistant, which will presumably enable iPhone and iPad users to navitage their mobile devices simply by speaking to them.

9to5mac noted that the screenshot aligns with its own iOS SDK findings, which suggest that Apple will also utilize other data, such as contact information, location and "music metadata," to increase the functionality of its mobile devices.

It is not set in stone that Assistant will be available on the initial version of iOS 5. According to 9to5mac, the company has only started testing the function and is not likely to release a partial version just to beat the clock.

iOS 5 is expected to be available this fall, but no official date has been confirmed. According to Engadget, the mobile operating system will also include updated notification and photo album features, among others.