Samsung recently denied approving a controversial protective cover for its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet and is now attempting to distance itself from the accessory's third-party designer.

Patent infringement lawsuits between Apple and Samsung have become almost commonplace in recent months, and mobile accessory designer Anymode didn't help matters when it released the new Smart Case, which looks suspiciously similar to the Smart Cover for the iPad 2.

The main controversy seems to extend from the Smart Case's functionality. Like the Smart Cover, the Smart Case features four foldable sections, which can be rolled up to serve as a stand for the tablet.

In a statement, Samsung claimed that it had not given Anymode permission to use the "Designed for Samsung Mobile" mark. The electronics manufacturer also said it is working with Anymode to address the oversight and noted that no Smart Cases have been sold yet.

Though Apple has not yet filed any sort of lawsuit for regarding the Smart Case, it is currently involved in legal action against Samsung. Recently, Apple filed a suit against Samsung in South Korea, alleging patent infringement for several mobile devices.