Toshiba Thrive owners may have noticed that their tablets seem to have issues waking up from sleep mode. An annoying inconvenience for sure, but don't fret, because Toshiba is reportedly already working on the problem.

According to IDG News, a spokesperson from the electronics manufacturer recently acknowledged a problem with the tablet. And though a fix is apparently on the way, the spokesperson did not reveal when it is expected to arrive.

Until a permanent fix is available, the news provider reported that Thrive users can skirt the issue by simply rebooting their tablets. When the patch does arrive, it will likely be delivered through Toshiba's Service Station.

The 10-inch Toshiba Thrive was released late last month to mixed, but mostly positive reviews. Though the tablet has a bulkier frame than Apple's iPad, its inclusion of Android 3.1, Adobe Flash support and lower price tag has been regarded as a plus for Toshiba. However, until the Japanese manufacturer can resolve some of the performance issues of its mobile device, its unlikely it will be able to compete with Apple in the tablet market.