It's cold outside and it's almost impossible to check your smartphone for calls, texts or a weather app to see just how cold it is. That's why Fountainhead International has decided to release the Mujjo Next-Generation Touchscreen gloves as a line of mobile phone accessories.

"With Mujjo gloves, it's as though you are using your touchscreen device with your bare skin," said CEO Michele Periquet. "We are happy to offer Mujjo's next-generation touchscreen gloves that not only feel and look good, but also keep one's hands warm and comfortable while using touchscreen devices out in the cold of winter. They are a must-have in winter for touchscreen device users."

The gloves, according to the company, are a great solution for people to comfortably use their phones without having to take off their gloves. Fountainhead said the gloves can work with iPhone, BlackBerry, Samsung, HTC and any touchscreen product. They are made of high-quality, silver-coated nylon fibers that allow people to use their touchscreens with ease.

The Mobile Indian's blog said these cell phone accessories are very thin and can easily handle and grip devices. During the cold months of the year, these devices can come in handy for everyone.