Despite holding a small share of the industry in the past, Microsoft may soon be showing a successful presence in the tablet market.

Since tablets became popular with the release of the original Apple iPad, the iOS and Android operating systems have dominated the market, with almost every non-Apple, well-selling device carrying a version of Google's Android.

Samsung, a leading manufacturer of mobile devices, previously hosted an Android system on its widely popular Galaxy Tab. Although Google's share of the market is still growing, the company recently came under fire in Germany over a patent infringement lawsuit filed by Apple, which resulted in a national ban on sales.

Whether due to the lawsuit or not, Samsung has been reported to be developing a new tablet that will run the new Windows 8 operating system. The original news source, Korea Economic Daily, is based in Samsung's home country.

Should the reports prove true and the new tablet become as popular as many of Samsung's mobile accessories and devices, Microsoft may achieve a bigger chunk of the mobile market that has been so dominated by Apple and Google.