It is time to stop crowding around the IPad, IPhone, or IPod Touch to watch videos of any sort. These devices work well for up to two people to share, and it may cause some issues when that third person comes along and asks to watch. Microvision has helped to solve this problem with the SHOWWX+ pico projector. The SHOWWX+ pico projector was specifically designed for IOS products and can project the video or anything on the device up to 100 inches. This is a pretty decent size screen to even watch movies in a group with. The most amazing part is that the SHOWWX+ pico projector is 50% brighter than it’s predecessor and it can run for two hours on one charge. It is great if you watch any form of media on an IOS device since you won’t have to shop around for all of the connectors.

Sources: Gizmodo MicroVision Wired