Despite early rumors that suggested otherwise, it appears the next iPhone from Apple will not including near-field communication capabilities after all.

According to a report from U.K. publication the Independent, sources from several of the country's wireless carriers recently confirmed that the next version of the mobile device – likely either the iPhone 4GS or the iPhone 5 – will not feature the technology.

NFC has been appearing in more mobile devices recently. The technology enables owners to user their smartphone similar to a credit or debit card by simply waving it over card reader to make purchases. The technology could also work in other situations with mobile phone accessories to enable the phone to be used for ID verification or to check in at events.

However, according to sources, Apple said it chose not to include NFC technology on the upcoming device due to "lack of a clear standard across the industry."

Though Apple has yet to announce its new smartphone, many believe that it will arrive this year in the form of the iPhone 5. According to a recent Computerworld report, analyst firm FBR Capital Markets predicted the phone would start being manufactured in the third quarter of this year.