Nokia was known as the world's top-selling vendor of smartphones until recently, when mobile devices using Google's Android and Apple's iOS eclipsed its products in popularity. As a strategy intended to return the Finnish company to its former status, Nokia has announced that it plans to launch several new mobile devices powered by the Windows Phone mobile operating system, according to BBC News.

The news source reports the first Nokia mobile device powered by the most recent version of Windows Phone will likely debut at next week's Nokia World conference in London, United Kingdom. Windows Phone, while not particularly popular, is believed by many market experts to constitute a viable option for Nokia's future.

Since 1997, Nokia's mobile devices have run on its Symbian operating system, but that technology's capabilities have been outstripped by the functionality of Android and iOS. Sales of its smartphones and related smartphone accessories have fallen considerably in the past eight months, and despite positive feedback, its stopgap alternative to the Symbian OS, MeeGo, has not managed to capture significant consumer attention.

Shares of Nokia stock have suffered a 46 percent decline in the months since CEO Stephen Elop began efforts to switch over from Symbian, according to Bloomberg.