Nokia, the long-time go-to for cellphones, is currently losing its position in the new age of smartphones, according to recent market research.

Strategy Analytics recently released its statistics on the global smartphone market that showed Nokia has been surpassed by both Apple and Samsung, and now stands at No. 3 in the market. Apple, with its iPhone, now accounts for 18.5 percent of the market, while Samsung's success with Google's Android mobile operating system has launched it to No. 2 with 17.5 percent. Nokia, meanwhile, has lost more than half of its smartphone market share, now at 15.2 percent.

These numbers, from the second fiscal quarter of 2011, are almost mirrored when compared to the same quarter of last year. According to Strategy Analytics, Nokia held the top spot and 38.1 percent of the global market share at that point, while Apple's share amounted to 13.5 percent and Samsung accounted for just 5 percent.

The changing market trends are likely to prompt many in the cellphone market to pursue Samsung accessories and iPhone accessories for the time being.

However, with IDC predicting Windows Phone 7 – which will soon be the OS powering Nokia's upcoming smartphones – as the No. 2 mobile OS in the market by 2015, future smartphone customers may be driven to Nokia data cables and other accessories.